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What should the very first step in logo making?

There's no one answer for the best way to create a logo. However, we recommend following these steps:

1. Define your brand. What are your core values? What message do you want to communicate?

2. Do your research. Look at your competitors' logos and take note of what you like and don't like.

3. Sketch out some ideas. Don't worry about making them perfect, just get your ideas down on paper.

4. Choose your colors. Think about how you want your logo to look and feel. What colors represent your brand?

5. Find a designer. Once you have a clear idea of what you want, find a designer who can help you bring your vision to life.

6. Make sure your logo is versatile. It should look just as good on a business card as it does on a billboard.

7. Get feedback. Once you have a few logo designs, ask your friends, family, and target audience which one they like best.

8. Test it out. Try using your logo in different contexts to see how it works.

9. Make revisions. If you get feedback that something isn't working, make changes until you're happy with the final product.

10. Launch your new logo. Congratulations! You've now got a professional, eye-catching logo that represents your brand.

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