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What should I do on my first week of onboarding?

Assuming you are the new employee:

1. Get to know your co-workers and your boss. Do some research on their backgrounds and try to find some common interests.

2. Get a feel for the work environment. Where is everyone located? What is the dress code? What are the hours?

3. Learn the company culture. What are the company values? What is the social atmosphere like?

4. Start to get a feel for the work itself. What are your daily tasks? Who do you need to talk to to get your work done?

5. Create a list of questions for your boss. What are the goals for your position? What are the expectations? What is the timeline for your projects?

6. Make a list of your own goals. What do you want to accomplish in your first week? In your first month? In your first year?

7. Set up a meeting with your boss to review your goals. This will help you get feedback and ensure you are on the right track.

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