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What is videography

Videography is the art and science of capturing moving images on electronic media (including traditional film stock) and editing them into a finished work. It encompasses everything from the simplest home movies to the largest Hollywood productions.

Videography has come to mean the art of making videos, especially for television or the Internet. In the past, videographers used film cameras to record images. Today, digital videography is the norm. Professional videographers use high-definition cameras and record video onto digital tapes or discs.

Videography is more than just point-and-shoot. It is an art form that requires creativity, technical skill, and a keen eye for composition and lighting. A videographer must be able to tell a story with his or her images and edit them into a cohesive whole.The best videographers are those who have a passion for their work and a true artist's eye. If you have these qualities, then a career in videography may be for you.

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