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What is the difference between targeting and retargeting?

Targeting is the process of identifying potential customers for a product or service. This can be done through market research and analysis, and using marketing techniques to reach out to potential customers.

Retargeting is a form of online advertising that allows businesses to show ads to people who have previously visited their website. This is done by placing a piece of code on the website, which tracks visitors and shows them relevant ads when they visit other websites.

Both targeting and retargeting are important methods for businesses to reach potential customers. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Targeting is focused on finding potential customers, while retargeting is focused on reaching people who have already shown an interest in the business.

Targeting is typically done through market research and analysis, while retargeting uses online tracking methods.

Targeting is a broad method that can reach many potential customers, while retargeting is a more targeted approach that is more likely to result in a conversion.

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