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What is cookie consent for GDPR?

Cookie consent is a requirement under GDPR for websites to obtain explicit consent from visitors before storing or accessing cookies on their devices. This is intended to give users more control over their data and how it is used.

Under GDPR, cookies are considered personal data and must be treated accordingly. This means that cookies can only be used if the user has given their explicit consent.

Consent must be obtained for each specific purpose for which the cookies will be used. For example, if a website wants to use cookies for analytics and advertising, the user must consent to both uses separately.

Consent must be given clearly and concisely, preferably through a dedicated cookie consent tool. The user must be able to easily understand what they are consenting to and have the ability to withdraw their consent at any time.

Cookie consent is an important part of GDPR compliance, but it is only one aspect. Websites must also take steps to ensure that all personal data is collected and processed in a transparent, secure, and lawful manner.

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