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What is considered political advertising?

Political advertising is any type of advertising that seeks to influence the political process, usually by promoting or opposing a particular candidate, political party, or issue. In most democracies, political parties and candidates must comply with laws that regulate the amount and type of information that they can include in their advertising. These laws vary from country to country, but they typically seek to ensure that political advertising is truthful and not misleading, and that it does not unfairly target certain groups of voters.

In recent years, the use of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, has become an increasingly important platform for political advertising. Political parties and candidates can use social media to reach a large number of people very quickly and at relatively low cost. However, social media also presents some challenges for political advertisers. For example, it can be difficult to target specific groups of voters, and there is a risk that false or misleading information can spread quickly.

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