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What is bandwagon advertising?

What is bandwagon advertising?Bandwagon advertising is a form of marketing that encourages people to buy a product or service because it is popular or fashionable. This type of advertising typically uses celebrities or social influencers to endorse a product or brand, in order to tap into the consumer’s desire to be like or follow these celebrities.One of the most famous examples of bandwagon advertising is Apple’s use of celebrity endorsements in its marketing campaigns. In particular, Apple has been known to sign celebrities to long-term contracts in order to secure their endorsement for multiple products over time. For example, Apple signed pop singer Taylor Swift to a 12-month contract in 2014, in which she agreed to promote the iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products in her music videos and public appearances.While bandwagon advertising can be effective in getting people to buy a product or service, it can also backfire if the celebrity endorser is caught in a scandal or if the product they are promoting turns out to be a dud. Therefore, companies need to carefully consider the risks and rewards of using this type of marketing before signing any agreements.

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