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What does commercial photography include?

Commercial photography includes various genres with specific goals and techniques. Although there is some overlap, each genre tends to focus on a different subject matter and use other methods.

Product photography is probably the most common type of commercial photography. It involves taking photos of products for advertising, catalogs, and other marketing materials. Product photos must be highly stylized and often use special lighting and camera techniques to make the product look its best.

Food photography is another common type of commercial photography. It involves taking photos of food for use in cookbooks, restaurant menus, and other food-related publications. Food photography often emphasizes the colors and textures of the food and the presentation.

Architectural photography is another type of commercial photography that is becoming increasingly popular. It involves taking photos of buildings and other structures for use in architectural magazines, real estate listings, and other publications. Architectural photography often emphasizes the lines and shapes of the structure and the play of light and shadow.

Commercial photography can also include event photography, such as photos of conventions, trade shows, and other business events. Event photography often requires the photographer to be able to capture candid moments as well as more formal posed shots.

No matter what type of commercial photography you need, it is essential to hire a professional who has experience in the specific genre. A professional photographer will be able to provide you with the high-quality photos you need to help market your business.

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