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What are the types of programmatic? 1

Programmatic advertising is a form of advertising that uses computer algorithms to target specific audiences with ads in real time. Programmatic ad buying is growing in popularity because it allows marketers to target specific audiences with laser precision and achieve better results than traditional ad buying methods.

There are two main types of programmatic ad buying: real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic direct. RTB is the most common type of programmatic ad buying. It involves auctioning off ad space to the highest bidder in real time, similar to the way that online ads are bought and sold. Programmatic direct is a newer type of programmatic ad buying that allows marketers to buy ad space directly from publishers, without going through an ad exchange.

Both RTB and programmatic direct have their pros and cons, and the best approach for your business will depends on your specific needs and goals. RTB is generally considered to be more efficient and cost-effective, while programmatic direct gives you more control over where your ads are placed.

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