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What are the 7 elements of brand identity?

There are seven elements of brand identity:

1. Name - The name is the most basic and essential element of a brand identity. It is the first thing that customers will see and remember.

2. Logo - The logo is the graphical representation of a brand. It should be simple, recognizable, and easy to remember.

3. Tagline - A tagline is a short, catchy phrase that sums up the essence of a brand. It should be memorable and relevant to the target audience.

4. Colors - Colors are an important part of brand identity as they can influence customers' emotions and perceptions.

5. Fonts - The fonts used in a brand identity should be legible and easy to read. They should also be consistent across all communications.

6. Imagery - Imagery should be used sparingly and should be carefully chosen to reinforce the brand message.

7. Tone of voice - The tone of voice used in communications should be consistent and appropriate for the brand.

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