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Should email signatures be image or text?

An email signature is the text, logo, or tagline that appears at the end of an email message. It typically includes the sender's name, job title, and contact information. Some people believe that email signatures should be image-based, while others believe that text-based signatures are more effective. There are pros and cons to both approaches. Image-based signatures can be more eye-catching and visually appealing than text-based signatures. They can also include more information, such as the sender's company logo. However, image-based signatures can be difficult to create and may not be compatible with all email clients. Text-based signatures are more straightforward to create and are more likely to be compatible with all email clients. However, they can be less visually appealing than image-based signatures and may not include as much information. Ultimately, the best approach for an email signature is dependent on the individual's preferences and needs.

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