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Is Facebook Ads considered programmatic?

Are you looking to market your business on Facebook, but not sure if Facebook Ads are considered programmatic? If you're not familiar with the term "programmatic," it simply refers to the automation of tasks, usually involving technology. And when it comes to marketing, programmatic advertising is the use of software to buy digital advertising space in an automated way.

So, are Facebook Ads considered programmatic? The short answer is yes, Facebook Ads are considered programmatic. Here's a more detailed explanation:

When you create a Facebook Ad, you're actually creating a programmatic ad campaign. That's because you're using Facebook's self-serve advertising platform, which is a programmatic ad buying platform. With this platform, you're able to set up your ad campaign, target your audience, and set your budget. Once your ad is live, Facebook's algorithms will automatically serve your ad to people who are most likely to be interested in it.

The bottom line is that, if you're looking to market your business on Facebook, you should definitely consider using Facebook Ads. They're an effective and efficient way to reach your target audience, and they're considered programmatic.

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