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How does in-game advertising work?

In-game advertising is a form of advertising that appears in video games. The most common form of in-game advertising is product placement, in which brands appear within the game as part of the scenery or as props.In-game advertising is a growing industry, with spending on in-game ads expected to reach $7.2 billion by 2021. In-game ads offer brands a unique way to reach gamers, who are often difficult to reach through traditional advertising channels.There are a number of different ways that brands can use in-game advertising to reach gamers. Product placement is the most common form of in-game advertising, but brands can also sponsor game events or create in-game content, such as branded levels or challenges.In-game advertising can be an effective way to reach gamers, but it is important to ensure that the ads are relevant to the game and do not disrupt the gameplay experience.

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