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How do you structure a keyword research?

When you structure your keyword research, you want to think about the different ways that people will search for your keywords. You want to think about how you can optimize your keywords for the different parts of the search engine results page (SERP), including the title, description, and URL. You also want to make sure that your keywords are relevant to your content. One way to do this is to use keyword research tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends. These tools will help you to understand how people are searching for your keywords and what kinds of results they are getting. You can also use these tools to find out what people are searching for in relation to your competitor's keywords. Another way to optimize your keywords is to use rich snippets. Rich snippets are a way to add extra information to your SERP listing, such as your company's logo, reviews, or product information. This extra information can help you to stand out from the competition and attract more clicks. To use rich snippets, you need to add structured data to your website. This can be done by adding schema markup to your HTML code. Once you've added the structured data, you can then test your page to see if the rich snippets are appearing as they should. If you're not sure how to add structured data to your website, you can hire a developer to help you. Alternatively, you can use a plugin like Yoast SEO, which will add the structured data for you.

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