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How do you implement cookie consent on a website?

Adding a cookie consent popup to your website is a great way to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations. There are a few different ways to do this, but we recommend using a service like Cookie Consent by Insites.

This service makes it easy to add a cookie consent popup to your website. Simply sign up for a free account, choose your popup design, and copy and paste the code into your website. Cookie Consent will then handle the rest, including tracking user consent and setting the appropriate cookies.

If you're looking for a more hands-on approach, you can also add a cookie consent popup to your website using Javascript. For this, you'll need to create a popup design and then add the following code to your website:

function showCookieConsent() {  var cookieConsentElement = document.getElementById("cookie-consent"); = "block";}function hideCookieConsent() {  var cookieConsentElement = document.getElementById("cookie-consent"); = "none";  }function setCookie(name, value, expiryDays) {  var expires = "";  if (expiryDays) {    var date = new Date();    date.setTime(date.getTime() + (expiryDays  24  60  60  1000));    expires = "; expires=" + date.toGMTString();  }  document.cookie = name + "=" + value + expires + "; path=/";}function getCookie(name) {  var nameEQ = name + "=";  var cookies = document.cookie.split(';');  for (var i = 0; i < cookies.length; i++) {    var cookie = cookies[i];    while (cookie.charAt(0) == ' ') cookie = cookie.substring(1, cookie.length);    if (cookie.indexOf(nameEQ) == 0) return cookie.substring(nameEQ.length, cookie.length);  }  return null;}function deleteCookie(name) {  setCookie(name, "", -1);}function handleCookieConsent() {  var cookieValue = getCookie("cookie-consent");  if (cookieValue == "accepted") {    hideCookieConsent();  } else {    showCookieConsent();  }}function acceptCookieConsent() {  setCookie("cookie-consent", "accepted", 365);  hideCookieConsent();}handleCookieConsent();

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