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4 Key Video Metrics That Matter The Most

1. Views: This is the most important metric when it comes to videos and it’s also the one that is most often looked at. The number of views your video has will give you an indication of how popular it is and how well it’s doing.

2. Likes: The number of likes your video has is another good indicator of its popularity. If people are liking your video, it means they’re enjoying it and finding it valuable.

3. Shares: The number of shares your video has is a great metric to look at because it shows how viral your video is. If your video is being shared a lot, it means people are finding it valuable and worth sharing with their friends and peers.

4. Comments: The number of comments your video has is also a good metric to look at. This shows how engaging your video is and how people are responding to it. If you have a lot of comments, it means people are taking the time to interact with your video and are finding it interesting.

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