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From manufacturing and gun sales down to the award-winning design, ZRODelta rises above the standard for handguns, rifles, mounting solutions, and more.

Accuracy, precision, and innovation in all areas

The Difference is ZRO

Red Shark Digital worked with the ZRODelta team to produce a best-in-class WordPress ecommerce firearm website. The ZRODelta team came ready with and binder full of ambitious ideas that pushed our team, as well as the limits of WooCommerce itself.

Build your Modulus®

ZRODelta is known for its modular handgun that is able to be built into 1000+ configurations using its variable components. Users are prompted to purchase a base firearm and then introduced to a 3-step process, allowing them to build their own unique Modulus® for the purpose they have in mind.

Matching the Client’s Craftsmanship

Throughout the site, there are micro web interactions that bring the enter user journey to life; all of which are anchored in the details of the client’s product line.This can be seen beginning in the header, with the grooves matching the grip on the slide of the Modulus®. Pushing through the rest of the site, nested hovers and animations work together to bring sections and options to life for users as they scroll through.With the products being sold being so intricate and feature rich, highlighting how the features of the products were shown was a priority for all involved. Creating intentional animations and interactions that encourage the scroll to continue allows the story of the product to be told.

If your brand is to be recognized, one of the first steps is having an enticing website. ZRODelta’s is second to none.

Powerful brand recognition starts here

Our multi-step ecommerce process.

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Find your favorite firearms

Find Your Firearms

The ZRODelta home page entices users to purchase a firearm using a product CTA within the first slider. As users click through the slider, they will find more information regarding product offers, financing, and more.

A Loaded Menu

Loading your firearms can’t be done without a loaded menu! The ZRODelta menu features graphics of firearms, from handguns to rifles to opics and apparel. Find everything you need in one responsive menu.

The One, The Only

Discover more about ZRODelta’s patent-panding cross-platform modular firearm system, The One. This unique landing page features a “Buy Now” button just below the navigation so familiar users can make their purchase without the need to scroll any further. New users can educate themselves by scrolling through the features, complete with lightbox explanations for each piece.

A woman looking at a mobile mockup of ZRODelta
"Ecommerce projects bring their own set of challenges inherently. Firearms e-commerce is an entirely different story.  Our team pushed went above and beyond to deliver and amazingly interactive and beautiful experience while simplifying a complex order process. It challenged us at every step, but through teamwork and focus, we were able to deliver an award-winning website."
Spencer Bunting - COO | Red Shark Digital
Spencer Bunting
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