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Custom Shopify ecommerce site featuring an intuitive product catalog and packed with information to monitor seniors’ activity within their homes.

Get smart about the safety of your seniors

The Mission Matters

The concept of SentryTell began when the owner’s parent’s health began to decline while living states away. Rather than invading their privacy with home cameras, SentryTell determines normal activity levels for seniors and compares their current activity to those norms. With alerts sent straight to your phone, you will never miss the warning signs.

Easy to Find Information

As users click through the site, they will find that each page provides information in a pleasant design that is easy to follow. The use of video embeds and smartphone mockups gives potential customers an inside look at the product, helping them along on their customer journey.

Making Monitoring Your Seniors Simple

The Shopify redesign and rebuild allowed the Red Shark Digital team to make the new site much more organized and easy to navigate. As you scroll through the Home page, you will easily find a button to sign up and purchase product, contact information, a video that explains how the product works, and the popular SentryTell Core Pack. With all of this information available on the Home page of the website, users will be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

You will never miss the warning signs of something gone awry at your senior’s home. SentryTell monitors it all.

Ecommerce with a purpose

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Where home security is redefined

Introducing SentryTell

The SentryTell home page introduces the product with a captivating headline emphasizing the safety of seniors in their homes. With custom animations, phone, email, and LiveChat links, plus video embeds, users can find all the information they may need on the very first page of the site.

Products with Purpose

SentryTell’s product page for their featured Core Pack product encourages users to start by signing up for a monthly protection plan, leading to the intuitive setup process, and introducing the Core Pack itself. Customers will then follow the steps to maximize the package with more sensors including smoke detectors, motion sensors, and more.

How It Works

Discovering how it works is made simple with the responsive design of SentryTell’s entire site. A “Shop” CTA makes purchase top of mind for the consumer, followed by easy to follows steps and a video embed that explains the product.

Woman reviewing Sentry Tell website on Laptop
“The redesigned SentryTell website offers an intuitive experience for those looking to monitor their elderly loved ones without disrupting their daily lives. The site is easy to manage and has such a great mission behind it. There is nothing better than working on a project with great intentions.”
Abby McVeigh - Project Manager | Red Shark Digital
Abby McVeigh
Project Manager
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