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We Have a Winner!

In March 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our agency held a free website giveaway for one lucky small business. During a time when the world stood still and brick and mortar storefronts saw a sudden halt in foot traffic, we were ecstatic to build a brand new ecommerce website to allow the winner to begin selling their products online.

A Website for a Cause

The R.A.W. Plastics team won the giveaway contest, and the great cause behind the business made us even more excited to begin the project. R.A.W. Plastics focuses on raising plastic pollution awareness and repurposing plastic waste through community environment clean-ups. The small business was using Facebook and Instagram to sell their products, typically taking orders through direct messages. Community clean-ups and pick-ups were also organized through Facebook and Instagram.

Ecommerce Webflow Website Build

To satisfy the need for both ecommerce and scheduling for community clean-ups/pick-ups, the Red Shark Digital team worked within a 6-week timeline to create a Webflow website with a convenient CMS for managing content, products, orders, etc. A contact form was added to the site with a “Reason for Contacting” option, where users can select whether they are contacting to order a custom product, join a clean-up, get involved, or just say hello. The new e-commerce Webflow website accentuates R.A.W.’s purpose with waterway maps as backgrounds along with a large hero video of relevant footage. Photos of the repurposing process are featured across the site, including cleanups, sorting and shredding, and the final products.

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Red Shark Digital definitely exceeded our expectations! We were expecting a great website to begin with but it's awesome and we love it!
Luke Oliver
Creative Director

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Raising plastic pollution awareness with sustainable products

Responsive, attractive menu

The R.A.W. Plastic menu features their story (it’s worth reading!), sustainability, team, shop, and contact. Social buttons are also featured within the menu for easy access to see the business in action in the community. The attractive blue colors exemplify their passion for restoring waterways and repurposing plastic waste.

A team built on friendship (and Webflow CMS)

R.A.W. Plastic’s team archive is built using Webflow CMS, making it easy for their team to update their titles, photos, and bios! Webflow CMS and responsive design work together to allow the site to hold as many team members that the small business may have as they grow over time.

Ecommerce with a purpose

R.A.W. Plastic’s ecommerce catalog includes large bowls, planter pots, coasters, keychains, earrings, disc golf minis, and magnets.  All R.A.W. Plastic products are created through 100% repurposed plastic.

We were thankful to work with R.A.W. Plastic on launching their Webflow ecommerce website. This opened up the opportunity for them to sell their products online for the first time. Helping small businesses know where to begin when starting an ecommerce store is something our entire team enjoys being apart of!
Spencer Bunting
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