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Red Shark Digital worked in partnership with Viamark Advertising to redesign Peak Physical Therapy, the leading physical therapy and sports performance center with multiple locations in Massachusetts. The goal for this Webflow website rebuild was to create a design that organized the site’s information in an easily digestible experience for the user. Many of the site's child pages were simply displayed as links on a page, rather than being organized in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Prioritizing Education

Red Shark Digital’s goal of protecting the integrity of the site’s abundant resources was key. The redesign presents all of the same information, but in a new format. The site features a more natural flow, is simple to digest for users, and prioritizes user-friendly navigation for those who are seeking physical therapy services.

Making Recovery Easy

Simple navigation of the site is paramount to those seeking wellness services. The most popular services are designated on the home page, and services are attractively organized with images for each category of physical therapy in the main navigation. The site also features a unique sidebar featuring location and patient information, which is accessible on all pages of the site.

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Peak Physical Therapy provides a broad scope of physical therapy services all with the same goal in mind: achieving the best outcomes for all patients. Users are greeted with a button leading to the About Us page, along with a patient testimonial. The homepage also highlights their most popular physical therapy treatment categories, with icons and service-related imagery linking to their respective specialized programs. As users scroll to the bottom of the homepage, they can browse recent articles developed using the latest SEO strategies that serve as valuable resources to those seeking care.

Setting the Peak Standard

Peak Physical Therapy required an organization system that simplified the way that they promoted their range of specialized treatment programs. The Physical Therapy page features an attractive menu that allows users to browse through their wide range of practices. Each button features a service-specific image and directs users to individual landing pages displaying further details regarding each respective service.

Unique Ways to Navigate

The homepage features an alternate navigation menu titled “Locations + Patient Info.” Upon clicking, users can learn more about the specific conditions that Peak Physical Therapy specializes in, browse the FAQ, use the direct search bar feature to find information detailed to their specific needs, and more.

“Since the new site has been established, Peak Physical Therapy maintained its high search rankings across the board. This is visible in their steady increase in keyword rankings and overall traffic. Along with a boost in recurring traffic, Peak Physical Therapy has also seen an approximate 10% increase in new users monthly.”
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