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Pathways to Life

Mental health and wellness Webflow website to welcome current and future clients with a functional, attractive user experience and easily accessible resources

Easily navigable mental health and wellness resources

Mental Health Matters

Pathways to Life, Inc. is a local organization that helps individuals and families achieve wellness. We were approached by Pathways to Life to create a more functional, attractive website that would feel welcoming to both current and potential clients. As a business with a focus on mental health, it was important to Red Shark Digital to let those values shine through and make all information easily accessible through a Webflow website rebuild.

Keep It Consistent

The previous logo and website were built and launched in September of 2016. The old site did the job, but it was difficult to navigate through the available services. They were categorized by location rather than displayed together, which felt inconsistent. Overall, it was outdated and did not accurately represent what they have to offer.

Branding Refresh and Website Rebuild

When Pathways to Life came to us in need of a brand and marketing refresh, we were eager to get started. We always recommend revisiting a brand and web presence at the foundational level every 3-5 years, and Pathways to Life fell right in the middle of that timeline. With the pandemic impacting businesses more and more each day during this time, their site was becoming increasingly important on the list of priorities as the company needed to educate clients on their Telehealth and Virtual Care services. The timeline for branding was 4 weeks, allowing us to create a much more modern logo. On an 8-week timeline for the rebuild, we designed the new site to flow more easily by removing the conventional, structural designs. This Webflow website rebuild offered us ease of access to editing content rather than a separate WordPress dashboard like the previous site had. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to rebuild a site focused on helping others.

Gaining access to mental health and wellness resources should never be difficult. Intentional Webflow website design makes it easy.

Building a meaningful path to mental wellness

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Mental health resources made accessible

Find Resources Quickly & Easily

The Pathways to Life home page immediately grabs the attention of users with large, colored buttons in the navigation and a captivating headline. Mental health services cards are listed just below the fold, allowing users to view all grounds that can be covered at the facility.

Gauge Your Wellness

Strategically placed beside the main navigation, the Are You Well? quiz is easily accessible no matter where you land on the site. The quiz consists of dropdown answer choices to a multitude of wellness questions to be sent to the team at Pathways to Life, allowing a member of the team to reach out to patients using their preferred form of contact.

Choose Your Path

One of the many services offered at Pathways to Life, the Adult Services page is a CMS item that lists treatment teams, programs, and therapy options using individual cards and Webflow animations. Other services are formatted in a similar way, with some listing bullet points of information within a rich text editor.

“The dropdown navigation for Pathways to Life was a challenge. At the time, it was the first in-depth dropdown navigation that I had developed. It really forced me to learn and utilize Webflow’s animations and interactions.”
Mike Fenwick - Webflow Developer | Red Shark Digital
Mike Fenwick
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