Ruffling Feathers and Molding Memories

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Peacock Prints & Clay

Two sites, one goal: Making tangible memories for locals in Greenville, NC and extending their reach with the first ever online handprint art boutique for customers across the US.

The first ever online handprint art boutique

Where It All Began

The Painted Peacock, local to Greenville, NC, approached us with a need to refresh their entire look while consolidating the abundance of pages on their website. With a multitude of service offerings and a website overflowing with information, The Painted Peacock was ready to dive in and ruffle feathers with some big changes.

The Chicken Re-Emerges

The original site was built on Wix and lacked the flair and pizzazz that The Painted Peacock is all about. The larger-than-life personality of the store and its owner was held back by the restraints of Wix, limiting the creative possibilities that the website needed. We took it upon ourselves to transform their branding into something fresh and minimalistic that would become recognizable for The Painted Peacock’s customers and passersby alike, while also redesigning and rebuilding their site on Shopify to create a seamless shopping and appointment booking experience.

A Whole New Adventure

Prior to the launch of the redesigned Painted Peacock website, the owner and COO of the company began to express their ideas of a more large-scale mission: Getting their products in the hands of customers across the United States. Then came the creation of Prints & Clay, the first ever online handprint art boutique. This separate entity gives shoppers a completely customized experience that begins with purchasing clay molds to capture their children’s handprints, followed by customizing the colors, quotes, and designs of their pottery pieces on the site.

The ladies at Painted Peacock and Prints & Clay expected nothing less than extraordinary results. The sites speak for themselves.

A completely unique shopping experience
“They took the time to understand our business on a deeper level and captured our values in a bold, clean, and comprehensive brand that we are confident in showing off. We look forward to branding more businesses with Red Shark Digital in the future.”
Susan Bucci | Painted Peacock
Susan Bucci
Painted Peacock / Prints & Clay

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Where memories are captured

Stand Out from the Crowd

The Painted Peacock home page captures users’ attention with a large hero video and bold text in their signature teal color. Video slides, each with respective CTAs, offer an interactive experience with excellent visuals. The home page also offers online purchase opportunities and information regarding weekday specials.

Mega-Menu Madness

The mega-menu on the Painted Peacock site is bright, colorful, and inviting for local customers to find exactly what they are searching for: pottery painting, kid’s parties, hand print art, and more. The bright, clear imagery throughout the menu truly entices users to click around and see what the site has to offer.

Pick Your Paints

The paint selector tool is a unique asset to the site, allowing users to select whether they would like paints to be included with their pottery order. Users can choose up to a certain number of paints, straight from the Painted Peacock’s paint inventory.

The First to Ever Do It

The first of its kind, the Peacock Prints & Clay home page gives customers an inside look at the entire process, from shipping to creating clay hand print molds, to painting process all the way back to delivery to the customer. Find all that the online boutique has to offer with featured collections, then learn how it works and read testimonials from happy customers across the United States.

Choose Your Designs

The product catalog displays each product in a grid view, showing users the price, ages allotted, piece options, and the number of children whose prints may be placed on the designated piece.

Personalize Your Pieces

Each individual product piece offers a unique experience, from choosing piece options to selecting colors from a dropdown selector. Customers can even choose quotes, design types, and more.

Painted Peacock
“Working with the ladies at Painted Peacock and Prints & Clay has been a pleasure. It has truly tested and expanded my skills as project manager and it has been incredible to see the growth they have experienced since launching both a redesigned website and a brand new boutique website.”
Abby McVeigh - Project Manager | Red Shark Digital
Abby McVeigh
Project Manager
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