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Private jet Webflow website, along with full-funnel marketing including social media management and advertising.

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flyExclusive approached us during the height of the pandemic when private travel was the safest form of air travel available. The first item on their to-do list was to rebuild their current website on a platform that allows easier, in-the-moment editing to allow them to update their site and communicate with their customers and the public in real-time as the regulations around travel continued to update. Red Shark Digital carbon-copied their existing website into a Webflow project to allow easier editing and a much faster experience.

Scalable Website for a Fast-Growing Business

Now to the rest of the their to-do list. flyExclusive is one of the most abitious private jet charter companies in the market. In our time working together, their website has spanned from a 5 page information-only website to a robust, 40+ page, multi-section, Webflow lead-gen website. 

The site has seen many iterations over its time with Red Shark Digital Digital. Webflow allows us to work at the momentum of their campaigns and current goals. Our developers work at their marketing team’s pace building landing pages.

Webflow to SalesForce Integration

At its heart, the flyExclusive website is rooted in being a robust lead-generation machine. Through clearly placed CTAs and easy to access forms, their users are able to engage their sales team quickly and efficiently. The sales team at flyExclusive chose SalesForce as their primary CRM and marketing automation platform. This lead to needing to transfer all data collected via forms into their respective salesforce leads and workflows. Red Shark Digital was able to create this integration with ease via the Webflow to SalesForce integration using technology made available by Zapier.

A responsive Webflow website that is nothing short of excellent to uphold the standards of the private jet company.

Innovative and industry-leading

Our multi-step Webflow process.

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The Sky is the Limit

The flyExclusive home page offers a unique experience with a large hero video and custom animations as users scroll down the page. Learn more about Jet Club, explore Fractional, and get information on the Aircraft Partnership Program with bright blue CTAs.

Soaring Miles Above

flyExclusive’s Jet Club is the ultimate private jet experience, exemplified by a clean landing page with eye-catching imagery and utilizing the blue CTAs seen across the site to entice users to click and make the ultimate decision to build their club.

Join the Team

The careers page catches potential applicants’ attention with a bold typeface and an inviting headline. Users will then find career opportunities within a card layout, following by sliding employee spotlights from flyExclusive’s very own. Scrolling further, users will find custom icons to identify the benefits of being exclusive.

“The Red Shark Account Management team worked to create a steadfast relationship with all key stakeholders at the company to align and position flyExclusive as one of the fastest growing aviation companies in the world. In 2021, RSD delivered a 7:1 ROAS. When two companies with the same degree of hustle and vision come together, anything is possible.”
Chris Rupp - CEO | Red Shark Digital
Chris Rupp
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