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ENC Alliance

Working to strengthen economic progress by bringing new capital investment and new good-paying jobs to the community.

The thriving hub of Eastern North Carolina

A Better Community for All

The Greenville Eastern North Carolina (ENC) Alliance is a public-private partnership created to provide a comprehensive and collaborative approach to business recruitment, retention, and expansion in Greenville and Pitt County communities. Founded in 2019, the non-for-profit group utilizes the expertise of the public and private sectors to secure new capital investment to enhance economic vitality.

Activating a Brand through Webflow Website Launch

Greenville ENC Alliance approached Red Shark Digital to build the website that would activate their brand within the global community showing that both it, and its region were ready for business.

Their team came ready with sitemap in hand, and a list of to-do’s including copy, images, interactive maps, and icon requests. Red Shark Digital was ready for the task. Our account manager and designers went to work planning the project before designing in Figma and presenting to the Greenville ENC Alliance team before handing to our expert Webflow developers for development.

Award-Winning Webflow Website

We are unsure if it was our design and development or the clients amazing images and written content, but together we were able to welcome multiple website design awards into our doors for this project.

The team at the Greenville ENC Alliance is very hands on with the day-to-day management and updates to content within the website. The Webflow editor makes this painless and straight-forward for our client.

Allowing ENC Alliance to do what it does best - expand, grow, distribute, and start your business.

Powering the economic engine of ENC Alliance
“The process was so easy to follow and our project finished way ahead of expectation. We thought we would launch in about 12 weeks, but everything got done within nine weeks, which was even better! We were really excited to be able to show the world our website.”
Maria Satira | ENC Alliance
Maria Satira
Director of marketing & communications

Our multi-step Webflow process.

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Red Shark Digital Discovery
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Client Discovery
Figma Prototyping
Webflow Development

Capitalizing on Greenville’s key industries

Find What Greenville Has to Offer

ENC Alliance’s navigation menu is loaded with information, providing access to all pages across the site. On desktop, the menu provides a snippet of overview information for each navigation category.

Top-Ranked and Superior

The ENC Alliance home page features a gradient slider that explains exactly what Greenville has to offer: top-ranked education programs, access to superior healthcare, low-cost utilities, and more. The brand’s colors of green, blue, and yellow are a nod to the agriculture and growth of the Eastern NC area.

Why Greenville?

Doing business in Greenville, NC means doing business in a thriving economic center and one of the fastest growing regions in the state. The ENC Alliance website makes this known by offering an abundance of information in an easy to use interface. Users can click through animated CTAs to learn more.

ENC Alliance
“ENC Alliance provided us one of our first opportunities to integrate Mapbox on a Webflow site. With Mapbox, we were able to create a complex map with full design control to showcase ENC Alliance’s location and infrastructure.”
Mike Fenwick - Webflow Developer | Red Shark Digital
Mike Fenwick
webflow developer
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