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Community Crossroads Center

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Red Shark Digital launched a brand new website for Community Crossroads Center, Pitt County's emergency shelter. Community Crossroads Center's mission is "Transforming lives to end homelessness in our community one person at a time." With such an important mission, the emergency shelter needed a website that made it easy for people to donate and learn more about the shelter and its values.

Building Community Through Accessibility

While their mission includes providing immediate help to community members in need, their goal is to provide each person who enters their doors with a long-term plan that leads to self-sufficiency and independence. Accessibility and readability were key components to this site that support that mission. The homepage features a sleek, clean font, organized content, a census counter, and a donation thermometer widget. Important information regarding the shelter’s numbers and community involvement are prominently displayed for reputability. As users scroll, responsive Call to Action features appear for those looking to get involved.

Making an Impact

Partner spotlights are featured at the bottom of the homepage to highlight contributions made by fellow businesses within the community. Users can sign up for Community Crossroads Center’s newsletter, which sends important updates involving events, volunteer opportunities, and more. Donations can be made directly on the site for easily accessible methods of contribution.

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Serving the Community

With user accessibility at the top of the priority list, Red Shark Digital created an easily readable and informative homepage that gave a strong overview of Community Crossroads Center’s mission, goals, services, and community involvement. Red Shark Digital ensured to add Call to Action buttons that would lead users to more information regarding a broad range of their services and engagements.

Contribute with Just a Click

Community Crossroads Center receives 80 percent of its budget through donations made by various individuals, churches, and individuals. With that being the case, we wanted to simplify the donation process with an informative donation page. The donation page explains how Community Crossroads Center utilizes its funds, more about the shelter, the different donation methods, and a button encouraging users who can donate to do so.

Following Through on the Promise

Community Crossroads Center makes itself available to all community members, regardless of the situation. Red Shark Digital created a user-friendly lead form that allows users to reach out directly to Community Crossroads Center for more information, opportunities, and other requests.

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“Since the website was pushed live, our marketing team has made it their mission to provide the necessary traffic to make the shelter’s mission a reality. Using a mixture of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, social reach, followers, and page visits have all seen a boost of up to 352%.”
Salvatore Amato - Account Manager | Red Shark Digital
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