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Axiom Elite

Data integration Webflow website development and redesign, along with full-funnel marketing including social media management and advertising.

Reflecting industry excellence with responsive design

Higher Standards for Higher Education

Red Shark Digital worked in partnership with Viamark Advertising to redesign  Axiom Elite’s site. The site serves the purpose of being an information/marketing website that is meant to sell the data integration solution. While the previous site may have done the job, the new Webflow website redesign does the job much better and with a more professional, sleek feel. The homepage features animations and a uniqueness that simply was not present before Red Shark Digital undertook the project. As you scroll within the viewport, users are presented with valuable information regarding what sets Axiom Elite apart from data integration competitors.

Industry-Leading Work for Future Leaders

Red Shark Digital worked on an 8-week timeline to accomplish the rebuild. Our team worked to improve organization and reflect Axiom Elite’s leadership in the industry space.

Resource Hub

The site navigation, featured at the top of each page, also includes partner spotlights, lead-generating systems for demo bookings, insights, product details, and more.

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Our multi-step Webflow design process.

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Providing long-term solutions for higher education systems

Building Industry Credibility

Red Shark Digital prioritized an immersive experience through the application of custom animations on the homepage. As users travel down the homepage, information is supplemented with sleek icons that are utilized throughout the site.

Impressive Partnerships

Axiom Elite’s main mission is to provide premier data integration systems to higher education systems. To establish its credibility as an industry leader, Red Shark Digital supplemented its site with a professional and clean Partners page filled with useful information for those seeking data integration solutions. As users navigate the site, they can view a short video explaining the system, view other credible student information systems that work alongside Axiom Elite, and intentionally place Call to Action buttons that invite users to test a free demo.

Real Solutions

Axiom Elite has provided long-lasting data integration solutions for higher education institutions across the nation. The Case Studies page showcases those first-hand accounts provided by institutions that have benefitted from Axiom Elite’s data integration system.

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“Clients that solve complex problems typically allow the most custom approach to web design and development. We worked to implement visually the solution that Axiom provides to its customers by highlighting them in large rotating text and using Webflow interactions to tell a story by pulling graphics together representing how their product works.”
Spencer Bunting - COO | Red Shark Digital
Spencer Bunting
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