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Angus Grill

Restaurant Webflow website development and design, brand activation, and full-funnel marketing including social media management and advertising, along with the creation of an upbeat, local-business feel for the Eastern North Carolina community.

Capture the spirit of customer service and local business with visual Webflow design

Local-Business Feel with an Impressive Design

Angus Grill came to Red Shark Digital for a complete brand redesign. From website development to social media management, Angus Grill was seeking a style that encapsulated the fun, upbeat environment that they are known and loved for. Upon visiting the site, users are greeted with a large and in-charge landscape shot of some of Angus Grill’s fan-favorite burgers with a striking Call to Action. As users scroll down the site, they can interact with an image slider with enticing menu creations that are exclusively found at Angus Grill. Further down the homepage, locations, online ordering, and contact information can be found for the user’s convenience.

Unique Webflow Website Build

Red Shark Digital worked under a 6-week timeline to accomplish a complete Webflow website rebuild, starting from scratch on Webflow. Our goal with this project was to make The Angus Grill’s new site extravagant and in your face. We accomplished this with intentional food photography, large typefaces, and the intricacy of including images for each menu item ingredient. The new site showcases Angus’s atmosphere as well as their delicious food in a way that their old site just couldn’t accomplish.

Bring Your Appetite

The website rebuild captured the exceptional taste of Angus Grill’s food and quality service through the bold design choices and flavorful food images. As a local business, Angus Grill aims to connect to the communities of each location. On the About Us page, you will find their commitment to providing each customer with quality ingredients and superior service. In addition, their Fundraising page displays the restaurant’s dedication to community involvement, charity work, and support to local law enforcement. Franchise options are also displayed on the site, as Angus Grill is seeking to grow beyond Eastern North Carolina and spread their mission to other local communities.

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“Red Shark Digital truly went above and beyond to rebrand Angus Grill into the fun, upbeat restaurant that we all know and love. Their team redesigned our website into a phenomenal, over-the-top site that shows off our signature burgers in a way we never could have imagined.”
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Commitment to superior service and delicious burgers all over Eastern NC

Assertive Homepage Presence

Angus Grill’s homepage dominates the space just as the restaurant dominates the industry. With its bold colors, strong typefaces, up close and personal burger photography, and easily navigable Call to Actions that lead users to learn more about the mission behind Angus Grill.

User-Friendly Interactive Menu

Although Angus Grill is known for their one-of-a-kind burger menu, they offer a full range of delicious appetizers, sandwiches, cheesesteaks, wraps, salads, and chicken menu items. With the new design, users can now browse other menu items front and center while still utilizing mouth-watering burger photography as the focal point.

Extra Cheese, Please

Red Shark Digital worked to create an intricately revamped menu featuring images for each menu item ingredient that sets Angus Grill apart from local competitors and beyond.

Angus Grill
“Angus Grill was a really fun project to develop out. The team did a great job creating and designing the mockup. The site really came to life after adding a bold pop-out side menu and image sliders throughout the site. These features helped set Angus Grill apart from all those other burger joints.”
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