Welcoming All Patients with Comprehensive Primary Healthcare.

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Agape Health Services

An intuitive Webflow website design that provides all the information a new or returning patient may need.

Showing patients that Agape cares with impressive visual Webflow design

High-Quality, Comprehensive Care

Agape Health Services was first established in Washington, North Carolina in 1998 and operated under Metropolitan Housing Inc., providing high quality, comprehensive, coordinated primary healthcare and supportive services to the communities it serves.

Welcoming All Patients

With offices in Washington, Williamston, and soon opening a practice in Plymouth, NC, Agape Health Services welcomes all patients and serves both adults and children. The practice offers medical and dental care as well as behavioral health and pharmacy services.

Full, But Not Fulfilling

The original Agape Health Services website was filled to the brim with informative content, but was not organized in an easily digestible format. Many links to files were scattered throughout the site without a true home that made them easy to find. Being a healthcare practice, it is important for patients to have the ability to find the information they need easily and quickly.

A Whole New Look

The main goal of the Webflow website redesign was to clean up the abundance of information and overhaul the look of the site with a more visually appealing interface. The team at Red Shark Digital accomplished this by using the brand’s colors throughout the site, creating a clean navigation bar and footer, and housing files and their titles within cards. Sections that were used consistently across the site, such as links to patient surveys, were created as symbols within Webflow, making it intuitive for our Webflow developer to add them to each page.

Consistency is Key

Working with the Agape Health Services team to redesign their website was a seamless process. We utilized the Markup.io tool to share the Webflow demo site with the client, allowing them to pinpoint any aspects of the site that they wanted to change and add/edit content where it was needed. Consistent client communication was key during this project, and it allowed us to design, develop, and launch the project on an ideal timeline.

Press Release

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Your website says a lot about your company. Say it the right way with responsive Webflow design and development.

A clean interface for patients of all ages.
Agape Health Services
Red Shark is a place where all your website needs are met! From the first day I spoke with Matt I knew that Red Shark were going to be the ones to design my company's website. They took their time, provided an accurate timeline of how things would go and continue to be there for any ongoing or new issues that have arisen. I cannot say enough good things about Red Shark Digital and the team of Matt, Abby and Spencer! These guys are the real deal! If you or your company is looking for a super team to build your website I highly recommend Red Shark Digital!!
Agape Health Services
Corey Davis
Program/Project Evaluator

Our multi-step Webflow website process.

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Showing patients that they matter, always.

Welcoming Home Page

The Agape Health Services Home page features a welcoming interface that exemplifies the mission of the healthcare practice. "To provide high quality, comprehensive, coordinate primary healthcare and superior services to the communities we serve."

Agape Health Services

Intuitive Contact Information

Agape Health Service's Locations page houses all contact information for each of the practice's locations. The page features images of each location along with hours and phone numbers for each area of the practice, including dental and pharmacy.

Agape Health Services

Services That Matter

Agape Health Services provides care for patients of all ages. Each individual Services page designates each service that is offered and gives patients the opportunity to take a Patient Satisfactory survey and find all the information they may need.

Agape Health Services
Agape Health Services
Working with Corey and the Agape team was a pleasure from the start. They came to the first meeting with a rough direction and outline for the site, while still allowing our team to have creative freedom. We stayed on scheduled and collaborated throughout the entire project to ensure completion in a timely manner. The end result is a modern, vibrant site that both encompasses the team at Agape, as well as the services they provide.
Matt MItchell - Account Manager | Red Shark Digital
Matt Mitchell
Account Manager
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