Making Internal Documentation Easily Accessible

Custom Healthcare Webflow Website Design & Development

Healthcare Webflow website development and design utilizing whitelisted IPs for ultimate confidentiality

Allowing employees to safely access internal documents

A Secure Employee Dashboard

The Carolina Family Health Center Intranet website was built to allow employees on the premises to access documents, employee directories, policies, procedures, and more. The Intranet relied heavily on third-party integration, including Xano and AirTable, in order to satisfy the client's objectives.

Integrating Xano into Webflow

Xano is a no-code back end that allows users to store data with no record limits. Red Shark Digital’s development team used Xano to overcome Webflow limitations such as the number of items displayed in a collection list. Webflow does not offer a native search function, so this integration was utilized for the resource search function on the site, allowing employees to search among 800+ collection items.

Webflow Employee Directory

The Red Shark Digital development team used {finsweet attributes to create an Employee Directory search, which also combined the Webflow collection lists. This allows employees to search amoung 250+ employees.

Healthcare dashboard Webflow website with Xano and Airtable integration

Healthcare dashboard Webflow website
"From the time we reached out to Red Shark Digital with our vision and mission, they did not disappoint from the very first meeting. From carefully listening to our ideas and goals, to website creation, to branding, to marketing and establishing our digital presence, RSD has helped Magnolia Place become a proud member of our community.”
Marie Rowe

Our multi-step Webflow development process.

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Confidential access to employee documentation

Accessing Documents on Site

The Intranet was created in order to allow employees of the Carolina Family Health Centers to have access to employee documents, policies, procedures, employee directories, calendars, and more. This site utilizes whitelisted IPs to ensure that only employees on the premises can access the site.

Searchable Employee Directory

The employee directory includes names, titles, and photos of each employee, as well as their respective department, location, phone, extension, and email. A printable version is also available. Our team utilized {finsweet attributes to allow employees to search the directory of 250+ items.

Policies & Procedures

The Red Shark Digital team used Xano to overcome Webflow's limitations on the number of items displayed in a collection list for the Intranet's resource items. This integration also enabled the resource search function on the site, allowing employees to search among 800+ collection items.

"The Intranet was one of our most challenging, yet fulfilling projects to date. We pushed Webflow's CMS and native search capabilities to the limit. We eventually leaned on the help of third-party applications. This project not only expanded our knowledge of Webflow and its capabilities, but it also pushed us further into the no-code community."
Michael Fenwick
webflow developer

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