Google Updates Store Visits & Click to Message Extensions

Google recently announced that it would be adding two new features to their arsenal. Click-to-Message which would allow potential customers to reach out in an SMS message format. This would allow for a new channel to communicate with customers. Also, Google will be adding, “attribution and bidding capabilities for retail advertisers tracking store visits generated from online efforts.” These two new features were announced at SMX East in New York City Thursday morning.

Click-to-Message is Here

Have you ever been surfing the web and found a product or service you were interested in but weren’t able to make a call at that time to ask for more information? Google now has you covered in that area. You are now able to send a text asking for more information or even editing the message to something more specific. Google announced their “Adwords’ Click-to-Message ads” would be rolling this out over the next few weeks. Simply access this ad through Adwords and set up the message extension. One can set up a pre-written message specifically tailored to the product or service.

Store Visits Tools

Based on the information provided at SMX by Google, if visits to your physical locations are important to your business, you can use conversion tracking to help you see how your ad clicks and viewable impressions influence store visits. Google’s data-driven model assigns fractional conversion credit to each interaction along a conversion path. This allows you and your business to measure the offline impact of other digital channels beyond Google accounts.

The Results

According to Gavin Parker, the Paid Search Manager of Auto & General, “The results from click-to-message have been phenomenal and we’ve seen an 80% higher conversion rate when compared to other similar channels.” Nowadays, people are more comfortable sending a text message as opposed to talking over the phone. It allows people to get straight to the point and avoid all the small talk involved with over the phone conversations. Similarly, this is a new avenue people can take to touch base with companies about their products and services. As we can see, it can be very effective.Google said in August that it measured more than 10 billion store visits from ads. This new form of measuring customers can allow marketers to focus on the right strategy to bring more customers to their physical locations. If you're ready to dive deep and utilize Google's newest features in your campaigns, contact Red Shark Digital today!