Google Thinks I'm a Soccer Loving Man

Do you ever get tired of seeing ads that are completely irrelevant to your life? Or what about the opposite. Does it freak you out that websites magically know so much information about your life and send you relevant ads based off what you’ve already viewed or clicked? Well, thanks to Google’s ad personalization system you have the choice to decide!

Revamped Ad Settings

With a push for users wanting more privacy, Google has listened to our call. Their newly updated ad settings page allows for you to personalize your ads based on a variety of categories that relate to your interests, as seen in the screenshot below. You also have the option to turn ad personalization off completely, leaving you to be targeted the traditional way. Google also takes into account any personalized info you’ve added to your Google account, data from advertisers that partner with Google, as well as an estimation of your interests.


Obviously, these categories are not going to be a 100% relevant. One, I’m a female, not a male. I’m not big into blues music and I’m a long ways away from parenthood, but not to worry these can easily be updated.

Let's use the blues music for example. To remove a category simply click on the category and a box will pop up similar to the screenshot below. You can then choose to ‘turn off’ the category which will remove it from the list of personalized ads. However, if you choose to turn off ad personalization, any categories or advertisers that have been deleted will not be saved.


Protecting Your Information

This new settings page allows for more transparency in the advertising process while maintaining users trust. With the Facebook controversy still fresh in user’s minds, people are eager to know that their information and data is protected. Towards the bottom of the page, Google emphasizes that they do not sell your personal information to anyone, as well as providing links to an AdChoices tool. The AdChoices tool allows you to control ad personalization on other websites and apps that use Google Ad Services. This allows you to see which companies and networks are currently customizing ads on your browser and then make changes according to your preferences. Google also gives you the recommendation for a browser plugin that will maintain your preferences, even if you’ve cleared your cookies.

If you do choose to turn off ad personalization, Google still has the ability to collect information from you when you use one of its products. Turning it off will simply just eliminate the choice to customize your ad experience. You can learn more about controlling your ad preferences on the Google support page. Take control of your ad experience today!